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Privacy Policy

The following information provides guidelines on how Youth Manage will work to protect your privacy. We reserve the right to update this policy from time to time based on current information. You may review the most recent privacy policy at any time at:

Protection of Personal Information

Each user has a username and password. No user will have access to any other user's password for any reason. Youth Manage will not reveal a password in any e-mail correspondence with any individual. If a password is forgotten, it may be changed by an appropriate administrator, but it may not be read or communicated.

Each user within a unit has different permissions based on roles given to that user. These roles impact what personal information each user can see.

Files uploaded to Youth Manage are also protected and permissions to access and download such content can be controlled by the unit administrator. Files include photographs, videos, text files, documents, and other such uploaded information.

Note that various information you enter into the Youth Manage system will be available to appropriately permitted leaders of your unit, based on the specified permissions given to them. It is up to your unit leadership to establish rules on who has access to what personal information within the unit.

Further note that unit administrators can make some content in Youth Manage available to the general public so that anyone on the internet may view such content. Content that may fall into this category includes calendar of events and files such as photographs, videos, text files, documents, etc. It is the responsibility of the unit administrator to make sure that such information can reasonably be made public before they make it publicly accessible. Youth Manage assumes no liability for making such information marked as public available to the public. Specific care should be taken when making information that provides identifiable information about children available for public consumption on the internet. Such information includes rosters, photographs of events which include children, and other such information. It is recommended that each unit establish a policy about whether such information can be collected and shared, and to who and how, on the internet.

Authorizing Individuals

When an authorized individual requests support from Youth Manage that requires us to update, reveal, or make accessible personal information to any individual, that individual must verify their identity and authority to access such information before we will proceed. We realize that this can occasionally slow down the customer support process, but it is an essential step in maintaining our privacy policy. A person contacting us will be considered authorized if they provide any of the following:

  • A valid username/password pair that has unit administrator permission for the unit of interest. Note that this will require the user to login to their account and access Youth Manage, as we do not have access to any user's password to verify.
  • Acknowledged receipt of an e-mail sent to the address of record for the "Account E-Mail" or the e-mail address configured for a user who has unit administrator permission for this unit. An e-mail address that meets this condition is called an authorized e-mail address.
  • Other mechanism as determined by Youth Manage to provide appropriate authorization.
Under this policy, e-mail containing restricted information requested by an individual may be sent to an authorized e-mail address as defined above, prior to the requestor themselves being authorized. The simple ability of an individual to access the e-mail itself sent to the authorized e-mail account is considered sufficient individual authorization.

This policy also applies to each level of authorization allowed by Youth Manage. Access to information/capabilities of an individual contacting us will be consistent with the roles (permissions) assigned to the user that they authenticate against. For example, an individual that authenticates themselves by an e-mail address for a user with "Den 4 Administrator" permission will be given access to information about members within Den 4.

Youth Manage Usage of Personal Information

Youth Manage will not give, sell, or rent your name, e-mail address, mail address, or any other personally identifiable data about you or any member of your unit for any reason without your permission, the permission of the site administrator, or your unit leadership. Aggregate system information may be used in non-personally identifiable ways for various purposes.

Youth Manage is not responsible for how other members of your unit use personal information that they have access to via Youth Manage, nor is it responsible for personal information about you provided by other members of your unit or other 3rd parties. Youth Manage is not responsible for security decisions or policies established by your unit administrator or other unit leadership that impact the dissemination of information by Youth Manage or 3rd parties.

There are other ways that personal information may be communicated to other individuals within your unit. For example, when you send an e-mail to an individual from within Youth Manage, your e-mail address will likely appear in the "From" section of the message sent to the individual. Youth Manage has no control over this sort of information dissemination.

Unlawful Access

Youth Manage makes every attempt possible to protect your data from unlawful or invalid access, but we cannot be held responsible for any such use of your personal data. Please see our terms of service for more information.

Use of Cookies

Youth Manage makes use of cookies to store session information while you are logged into the application. The use of this temporarily cookie is required to make use of our service. In addition, you may optionally request that you be automatically logged into our system by storing your username and/or password on your system. When you enable this option, your username/password will also be stored in a cookie on your local machine. This cookie is "permanent" until you disable this feature. You should disable this option or purge cookies from your system before you sell or give your computer to anyone else. Use of this "permanent" cookie is not required to access the system.

System Administration Access

Youth Manage maintains databases, logs, and file records of various information to provide this service to you. Access to this information is restricted to Youth Manage personal and will not be given to any other entity without your permission, except as required by law or legal order.

Youth Manage Relationship with Law Enforcement Agencies

Youth Manage will work with appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies for any legal purposes required, including but not limited to, tracking down unlawful activity and illegal use of Youth Manage. This includes providing personal identifiable information, access patterns, access locations, etc. These legal requirements supersede any other statements in this or any other privacy/policy document provided by Youth Manage.

Youth Manage is owned and operated by Muskrat Software LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation licensed in the State of Washington. If you have any concerns or questions, you may contact our online customer support at Written inquiries can be directed to Youth Manage, 2885 Sanford Ave SW #18614, Grandville, MI 49418. 855-MUSKRAT (855-687-5728). Please do not use this for customer support queries.

Our Intent

It is our intent to do everything in our powers to preserve the privacy of your information according to this document, but we cannot be held responsible for mistakes or other problems that may occur. We also can't be held responsible for how other people in your unit use the information available to them.

If you have any concerns, please contact us here.

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